About Us

Mobile Computer Solutions Etc., LLC has developed a set of consistent standards implemented with proven reliable business processes. This delivers peace of mind to you and your business. MCSE uses robust backup solutions and cyber security protection that was once only available to the large enterprise. This provides our clients with a sense of safety and security knowing their network and devices are safe from attack. 

Prevention stops interruptions in your business. It is far more affordable to have your network and devices proactively managed by MCSE. This prevents unnecessary downtime and key employees from being distracted from their primary task. Quite simply, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” 

MCSE has provided a wide variety of computer technology services since 2003. Matthew Burke, owner, has over 20 years of technology leadership and hands-on implementation experience. He has mastered the ability to identify a problem, break it down to the simplest components and identify the best and most effective solution. He can make a complex technical solution sound simple and easy to understand. 

Matt understands small business. He helped to manage and expand his family’s business in response to competition from major retail chains moving to New England. MCSE has the resources to manage all your technology needs.